Portr140114-181x195William Wang (Chinese name: Wang Zhengxian)

William Wang has been a professional badminton coach since 1980. He originated from a professional badminton player for his provincial team of Sichuan province in China, then became the coach and the head coach for the team. During his many years coaching career, William Wang had served as the coach and the head coach of Sichuan provincial team in China; the coach of Chinese national junior team; the coach of Thai national team, and the guest coach of Swedish national team. In 2001, William Wang immigrated to Canada, and has been continuingly coaching for a private club in Toronto for all these years.


William Wang has proven records of producing world class players from grassroots from both eastern and western world. He worked with and helped well both grassroots and world class players. Among the players he had worked with and helped in China, in Thailand, in Sweden and in Canada, many of them won international titles such as: World Cup champion, European champion, Asian champion, World Championships bronze, Olympic silver and semi-finalist, and many World Grand Prix titles…


Except extensive working experience, William Wang has a fairly well educational background. He earned 3-year college diploma of Physical Education (Which consisted of courses such as, Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Sports Medicine, Sports Pedagogy, Sports Psychology, Sports Biochemistry, Sports biomechanics and Sports Statistics…) in 1980’s from Chengdu Physical Education College in China. He worked in a pre-research student program on work physiology theories and methods at the Department of Workload Injury in Swedish National Institute of Occupational Health in 1996-1998, and enrolled as Ph.D student in the Sports Medicine program provided by the joint of the department of Workload Injury and Umea University in Sweden for the years of 1998-2000.


William Wang is not just a practical doer but also a theoretical thinker. He used to write long term and short term training plan and report when working for his provincial team and Chinese national junior team. He had co-worked and co-authored the report on the research project of “How Different Exercises Affect Average Heart Rate and Assessment of Training Methods for China Junior Team” assigned by China Badminton Association, published on China Sports Science and Technologies magazine in 1990. He was also an appointed co-author for the most comprehensive badminton guidance book titled  “The Guidance of Badminton Teaching and Training” assigned by the Chinese Badminton Association and Chinese National Sports Committee and published in 1990.


Combining his long time coaching experiences, scientific training, critical and philosophical thinking and interesting of discovering…, William Wang has come up with this site to help people learning and developing their badminton skills.