Online Guide with Videos

Welcome to my online guide & videos !

Here I am collecting my many years badminton studies, that are based on my many years experiences as a professional badminton player and as a professional badminton coach, and that are also based on my years academic study background as a Physical Education College student and as a Sports Medicine Ph.D. student. I believe what I did practically and theoretically in badminton is helpful for all those who seriously pursue in-depth understanding of badminton skills and training. And I hope this site can be a online coaching for you to help you badminton learning, practicing and developing.

Please check the right sidebar, a categorized Table of Contents listed out all topics with videos.


Here just some of videos:


 Grips >> To know your hand parts






 Swings >> Forehand wrist circling






Swings >> 3 turns – Flipping and Circling